The Solution

Not only is finding the right person an issue, but so is finding more ways to put yourself out there.

So, what we've done is compile a list of hundreds of contacts in various industries for you to pitch for guest-blogging opportunities and features.

What's guest-blogging?: Being a guest-blogger, contributor, or freelance writer is when you are allowed to write articles for a company/entity that you are otherwise not affiliated with. Sites like Entrepreneur, Goalcast, Forbes, and Black Enterprise do this.

Just as most places do.

It's a good way for them to attract different audiences without them having to do so much of the teaching themselves..

Why would you want to do that?: Most use the opportunity to be seen as an expert in their niche.

You are given the opportunity to serve your target audience and promote your brand, and most places allow you to put a link in your article. Meaning, you could potentially have the opportunity to write for a place like (like me), reach millions of people in your target audience, be viewed as a credible source, and let people know not only that you exist, but that you have answers.

It's beautiful.

Getting an email like this, can literally change everything.


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