What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect:

Here, we're focusing on the internal work (you can take my Goal Fulfillment Strategy course if you want assistance in doing both the internal and external work).

Here's what we'll cover:

Section 1: Setting the Goal. Let's start with what you want to work on, yeah?

Section 2: Mindset. We're going to dig in to your self-talk, limiting beliefs, and allll the mental stuff.

Section 3: Creating a Personal Growth Plan. After we've dug in, we are going to categorize that information into the 3 main areas of personal growth & development that need the most focus.

Section 4: Introspection. Then we are going to dive into what you need, what problems currently exist, your solutions to them, and resources.

Last, we'll go over what's next and what else is available!

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